Linguistic Analyzation

Statement Analysis, Forensic Statement Analysis, and  Content Based Statement Analysis are all descriptive of analyzation of words and phrases.  Whether it is the written word or a recorded statement, it is a process that can be used to check for deception and veracity among other things.   Most people do not make things up when they deceive.  They leave things out.

If you have concerns, whether it is loss prevention, possible fraud, or an injured party, Statement analysis is a very good place to start.

The written statement needs no oversight other than the primary instructions.  It is  non intrusive, non judgmental, has no time constraints, and it has no bias.  Several people can be writing statements at the same time making it an efficient use of time for a preliminary inquiry. People not involved can be eliminated from the suspect pool rapidly.

Finally, Analysis is a very good tool to point the Detective in the proper direction to be able to resolve the matter at hand.