Meet Blanket Investigations: Matthew Blank, President & Lead Detective

At Blanket Investigations we are dedicated to finding the facts of the matter to the best of our ability. That ability stems from our inception in 1999 and having our first two years of training by a retired Secret Service Agent, and from there to a Former Sheriff’s Detective for the next year. From that point forward, classes in Fingerprint Classification, Photography, Firearms, Interview and Interrogation, and many more, continuing to this day.
Matthew has worked Federal and State Death Penalty cases as well as cases deemed “Complicated” by the Federal Government. Felony Criminal Investigation is our specialty.
Insurance Fraud costs billions each year, driving up premiums for business owners and private insurance customers alike. Having an extensive knowledge of Statement Analysis as well as Kinesic Interview skills have been key in working many fraud cases to a positive outcome.
Employee Malfeasance concerns often are better handled by an objective third party, One who is trained and skilled in interview.
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