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Thank you for taking the time to read about my thoughts on what makes a good detective.
A good detective must have an inquisitive mind. He/she must be an objective thinker, taking nothing for granted. He/She must always be acting to better themselves by honing their craft, through books, classes, and learning from others inside and outside of their field.
They should understand that their course(s) of study will be a lifelong commitment. It will enter into the areas of law, psychology, firearms, medicine, pharmacology, linguistics, body language, questioned documents, crime scene analysis, electronic devices, locating persons, accounting, and more.
S/he must have an open, welcoming personality, and be able to converse with, and befriend most anyone. They must understand what the subject is saying with their words, and actions. It is in that human interaction the detective often finds the keys to the inquiry.
As they progress in the field, s/he will have strived to build relationships with others who will have honed their crafts as well. Those persons will have strengths and or technical abilities where the detective may not be so well schooled.
With all of this, the detective must be able to convey what they have found in a well-written, easily understood report. The report must not have opinion, it must be factual.
I have dedicated years of my life to working these principles and look forward to continuing to do so. If you think I would be able to assist you in some way, please give me a call or write an email.
Again, thank you for taking the time. It is our most precious commodity.
Matthew Blank
Blanket Investigations Inc.
Private Detective D-883
Licensed by the Attorney General of the State of Kansas